Overspray separation with EcoDryScrubber by Dürr

Dürr Eco+Paintshop for SGM in Shanghai

Bietigheim-Bissingen, June 5th, 2013 - Dürr is building a new Eco+Paintshop for Shanghai General Motors with reduced energy consumption and lower emissions. The paint shop has a throughput of 20 bodies per hour. The design is so innovative that the paint shop can extended to double capacity at any time.

For both the interior as well as the exterior coating, SGM uses fully automated paint application, from the primer to the base coat through to the clear coat, thereby reducing paint consumption. The primer application is performed by 20 EcoRP L133 and L030 EcoRP painting robots. Base and clear coats are applied by 44 paint robots in stop and go operation. All robots are equipped with the proven EcoBell2 paint atomizer. Before commencing the paint job, the bodies are prepared and cleansed of impurities by an ionization portal and the EcoClean exterior cleaning system.

Another element in this resource-saving paint shop is the EcoDryScrubber. The dry separation of paint overspray, with extensive air recirculation, ensures up to 60% less energy consumption in the spray booth. Furthermore, this technology does not use water or chemicals. Worldwide, 65 paint lines are already producing or are being equipped with EcoDryScrubber.

An important aspect, with regard to the energy efficiency of the paint shop, is heat recovery from the spray booth exhaust air and the oven’s exhaust air streams. Dürr's optimized hall ventilation concept, which is included in the delivery scope, also has a positive effect on this process.

During the entire coating process, exhaust air from the spray booth is firstly pre-concentrated and then purified of all solvents in a RTO (regenerative thermal oxidation) process. In its role as a turnkey supplier, Dürr also provides the utilities distribution and the fire protection equipment associated with the installation.

The flexibly designed installation, which was ordered at Dürr in the first quarter of 2013, offers a broad range of production possibilities. From June 2015 Cadillac’s premium vehicles will be painted in Shanghai.