Dürr presents innovative burner requiring less energy consumption

New perspectives for exhaust air purification

Stuttgart, March 2, 2009 – From chemical and pharmaceutical to the automotive industries, the thermal exhaust air oxidizer (TAR) ensures clean air for all applications. This can be conducted even more efficiently in the future – with the new TARCOM V gas burner; a worldwide innovation presented by Dürr Environmental and Energy Systems (EES).

The TARCOM V burner is not only for new TAR oxidizers. Existing units around the globe can also be converted at any time, resulting in significant energy savings. Dürr offers burners for both natural gas and liquefied gas as well as a combination burner for two different gas types.

The TARCOM V gas burner is the product of a series of developments which commenced with the so-called cone burner. This was further developed into the swirl burner and has now culminated in a swirl burner with a hollow cylinder flame. The decisive advantage of this technology is that the flame geometry is similar to a rotating hollow cylinder. Through the high efficiency mixing technique obtained in this way, the TARCOM V burner achieves a significantly better temperature distribution in the combustion chamber and that in turn leads to significant energy savings and improved emissions.

Through a special gas jet geometry, the flame stability and ignition behavior can be further optimized. Additionally, through better utilization of the combustion chamber volume, better clean gas values can also be achieved at lower combustion chamber temperatures. Among other clients, four major automotive manufacturers have already benefited from TARCOM V through the energy saved with exhaust air purification. This has naturally also reduced their costs per unit for each vehicle coming off the assembly line.