Overspray separation with EcoDryScrubber by Dürr

Dürr to construct two paint shops for FAW-VW in China

Bietigheim-Bissingen, August 17th, 2015 – The Chinese Joint Venture, FAW-VW, is constructing two paint shops at its Changchun and Qingdao locations. Dürr, the plant engineering company, will supply the painting process equipment for both plants, from pretreatment through to the spraying booths and ovens. The first vehicles will roll off the lines in Changchun and Qingdao in the middle of 2017.

In coordinating both projects Dürr is acting just like a general contractor would. Great importance is being placed on sustainability in the pretreatment and electro-dipping stages of the process for which Ecopaint RoDip rotational dip technology will be used. As the car body makes a full 360° rotation in the tank, RoDip requires no entry or exit ramps. This shortens the length of the tank by up to 6 meters. The smaller tank volume, in turn, reduces the requirements for water and chemicals, and consequently the amount of energy needed to condition the tank. However, RoDip not only reduces unit costs but also offers excellent corrosion protection through an optimized immersion, flooding and draining process.

The overspray in the spray booths from the primer through to the top coat will be bound by the EcoDryScrubber. This dry separation technology requires neither water nor chemicals, which means that the spray booth can be operated with up to 95% recirculated air. EcoDryScrubber saves up to 60% of the energy consumed in the spray booth by reducing the amount of energy required for air conditioning. 75 painting lines all over the world are already operating or are currently being equipped with dry separation from Dürr.

A limestone recycling system specifically matched to the EcoDryScrubber is being used for the first time in Changchun. This will enable the paint-saturated limestone powder to be separated from the overspray directly in the paint shop, so that it can be re-used several times.

The ovens and their conveyor systems are also included in the scope of delivery from Dürr. The paint shop will be controlled by Dürr's EcoEMOS control technology. This modular Manufacturing Execution System, which the customer is already using in many other plants, provides a detailed view of the production flow and consumption data at all times, which makes a significant contribution to increasing efficiency.

The order for the two paint shops was awarded in the third quarter of 2015. Changchun will produce 34 X89 cars per hour. The plant in Qingdao is designed for a throughput of 62 vehicles per hour, and mid-range Volkswagen cars will roll off its production line.