Eco+Speed spray booth concept increases capacity and enhances quality

For fast, precise interior painting

Bietigheim-Bissingen, May 9, 2014 – Halving of the transfer and paint-change times and extremely high positioning accuracy while increasing capacity and enhancing quality at the same time – Dürr offers all this with its Eco+Speed spray booth concept for high-speed interior painting. Eco+Speed is based on the combination of fast handling technology with time-saving application products.

The high-speed interior painting concept can be incorporated in both new and existing spray lines. It was designed for high-speed stop & go mode in spray booths. The use of proven skid technology and highly efficient spray application reduces unproductive times to a minimum. The carrying and tracking function in the skid technology used is achieved by means of roller rails which are not driven. Centrally configured linear units provide the drive. Thanks to the use of two-channel color changers based on Dürr’s EcoLCC or EcoMCC technology, a color change takes only eight seconds. When the EcoBell3 high-speed rotating atomizer with two main needles is used, color-change times that are significantly shorter still are possible.

The high-speed interior painting concept is fully in line with the Dürr slogan “Leading in Production Efficiency”. The numbers speak for themselves. Line capacity and degree of utilization rise by up to 15%. Unproductive periods for the painting robots can be cut by up to 50%. New quality standards are also set. For example, Eco+Speed contributes to improved flow in the paint structure, which helps to reduce reworking costs. Overspray is further reduced thanks to a smaller spray pattern (known as a brush). Paint consumption falls appreciably as a consequence.