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Intentionally simple and robust paint overspray separation EcoDryX by Dürr

Paint separation – one step ahead

Efficient production with Dürr finishing technology

Bietigheim-Bissingen, May 9, 2014 – With the EcoDryScrubber, the innovative dry separation, Dürr revolutionized paint overspray separation. Energy consumption in the paint booth reduced by up to 60%, and a process that goes without any chemicals and water – these are convincing arguments for a technology that is currently used successfully in more than 70 automotive production lines. Now, Dürr expands this product range with new systems for overspray separation.

EcoDry X – the intentionally simple and robust paint overspray separation 

For facilities with small to medium overspray volumes, EcoDry X is the ideal solution. It is a multi-stage filter system with disposable filters that are extremely simple to replace. By means of filter replacement trolleys, even unskilled workers can easily replace these paper filters, if necessary also during ongoing production. When the filters are saturated, the replacement trolley is undocked manually and replaced by another trolley prepared with new filters. The saturated paper filters are then comfortably disposed of in containers at a well-ventilated preparation station. 

While the automotive suppliers industry has been using this manual system for years in industrial series painting, it is a first for the automotive industry. With the separation filters Dürr adapted specifically for automotive series painting, this technology is suitable for the automotive industry as a low-cost, easy to operate solution for Greenfield and Brownfield.

EcoDry B – paint overspray separation without additives    

EcoDry B is a dry separation system for any volumes of overspray. The overspray is caught by rotating brushes. Once it has dried, it is removed from the brushes by means of scrapers. The result: disposal of almost pure paint. The present variant of dry separation likewise uses absolutely no water or chemicals. Accordingly, this system can be operated primarily with recirculated air, just like the EcoDryScrubber. This reduces energy consumption and stabilizes the painting process. 

The process has already proved its merits in series painting of plastic parts. Based on many years of experience in dry separation, Dürr improved the design of this automotive painting system. One thing that has not changed: EcoDry B is an easy-to-operate technology for Greenfield and Brownfield. 

EcoEnvirojet – Further development of the well-proven wet separation 

The wet separation process, constantly enhanced by Dürr, presents itself as an alternative to dry separation. The EcoEnvirojet 3 system allows for high-end paint overspray separation with low noise level thanks to intelligent sound reflection. This technology convinces with its small paint build-up in the separation area, attributable to its superior flow properties. 

The newly developed, extremely flat EcoEnvirojet 3S is perfect for applications with severe structural constraints. Thus, this technology is ideal for retrofitting existing lines or application in plastic parts painting.

Limestone recycling in the fluidized bed furnace

Dürr complements the new family of separation products with a fluidized bed process customized to the EcoDryScrubber. In this oven, the saturated limestone meal is separated from the overspray in the paint shop ready for re-use. This on-site treatment can be repeated several times, significantly reducing the supply and disposal costs. 

The fluidized bed furnace can easily be integrated in an existing dry separation line. Only the supply concept is changed, the EcoDryScrubber itself is not affected. The oven can be started up fully independent of the operation of the system.