New spray booth concept EcoReBooth by Dürr

Successful market launch of the new paint booth concept

EcoReBooth saves space while reducing material consumption and costs

Bietigheim-Bissingen, May 9, 2014 – With EcoReBooth, Dürr has completely transformed the paint booth. The qualities of this compact, modular paint booth design have already been proven and tested: Since the beginning of the year, Porsche has been using the new Dürr technology in its Leipzig plant to paint its new model Macan.

The EcoReBooth is based on the EcoDryScrubber, the innovative dry separation by Dürr, which helps to save 60% of the energy required in the paint booth. As a new feature in the EcoReBooth, Dürr integrates the ducts, the air conditioning and the air recirculation system in the booth cross-section below the spray booth. This is where the proven EcoDryScrubber modules are located as well. All relevant components are arranged on one level, which greatly improves accessibility and ease of maintenance. 

EcoReBooth is highly modular. The integrated process air system serving each booth unit separately allows for individual conditioning of each painting zone. This reduces the footprint and ensures excellent energy efficiency. 

Because of the compact layout, a modular arrangement of the paint booth in a line without interfering contours is possible. In ideal cases, an entire building level (the so-called penthouse) can be completely omitted thanks to the integrated process air technology. This also makes the EcoReBooth perfect for retrofitting of existing painting facilities where limited space is available.

All things considered, the new EcoReBooth reduces the space requirement, the complexity, the number of filter modules, the material consumption – and ultimately the costs.