The new compact class from Dürr: the Ecopure® CTO regenerative air purification system

Bietigheim-Bissingen, 01 February 2010 – With the Ecopure® CTO (Compact Thermal Oxidation) product line, Dürr Environmental and Energy Systems (EES) presents an innovation that makes the proven Ecopure® RTO technology available in a more compact form for purifying smaller exhaust air.

The European VOC Directive (volatile organic compounds = volatile organic substances) has been rigorously implemented, not only in Germany but throughout Europe. Even industries with lower exhaust volumes are thus looking for cost effective solutions to meet this regulation.

Dürr’s Environmental and Energy Systems business unit has developed a "Lean Line" concept building on its already successful regenerative exhaust air purification system (RTO) especially for this purpose. The result is the compact Ecopure® CTO, which is designed for smaller exhaust air volumes. It reduces investment and operating costs and is impressive due to its maximum flexibility and minimal space requirements. The Ecopure® CTO is offered in five sizes with exhaust air purifying capacities from around 1,500 to 15,000 Nm³/h. Each size is available in both an exceptionally economical two-bed package as well as a three-chamber design for higher purification efficiency. All system components are pre-assembled at the manufacturing location – from the steel vessel to the burner and the ventilator to the control panel. This assures high standard of manufacturing quality and fast and, smooth installation at the customer’s facility. As a result, it takes only three to four days from delivery to handover to the production team– including personnel training.

The installation proceeds even faster with the exceptionally compact Ecopure® CTO 100. This model, with a capacity of up to 6,000 Nm³/h, fits in a standard freight container and is delivered as a complete turnkey unit. When assembled, this unit requires a space of just a little more than 13 m².

Dürr’s compact Ecopure® CTO systems are suitable for exhaust air purification in the printing and coating industry, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, the plastics industry, in painting processes and many other applications.

Textile coating application example

A well-known German manufacturer of medical bandages has expanded production with a new ultra-modern textile coating plant. The majority of the solvent vapours resulting from the drying process are recovered internally. The remaining diffuse emissions are systematically collected and conducted to an Ecopure® CTO 103 for purification. Due to the high level of efficiency of the CTO from Dürr, an almost autothermal operation is possible without additional fuel and with the highest cleaning efficiency of over 99%. Thus, no compromise had to be made, neither in environmental terms nor in economic terms. Another advantage of the Dürr Ecopure® CTO 103 is its compact design. It can thus be easily installed in spite of limited space inside the production building. Finally, the Dürr concept was convincing due to its short delivery time of 15 weeks and its particularly good cost/performance ratio.

The universal applicability of the Ecopure® CTO is also demonstrated in an order from Israel. A manufacturer of pharmaceutical products purifies its contaminated exhaust air with a compact CTO unit which was fitted with a special anti-corrosion coating for this application.