Air Pollution Control System for Gaohe coal mine

World’s Largest Ventilation Air Methane/Coal Mine Methane Oxidation Project Goes Live

Plymouth, Michigan, September 09, 2015 - Dürr Systems, Inc. Clean Technology Systems (CTS), has completed the installation and commissioning of the world’s largest ventilation air methane/coal mine methane (VAM/CMM) oxidation and utilization project at the Gaohe coal mine. It is owned by the Lu’An Coal Mining Group in Shanxi Province, China. This project was formally put into operation in May 2015.

The project enables 100 million Nm3 methane/yr to be utilized for power generation, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 1.4 million tCO2e/yr, and significantly reduces the amount of coal dust particulates, a major source of air pollution. Methane’s global warming potential is 25 times more than that of CO2.

Up to 1,020,000 Nm3/h of ventilation air methane and 60,000 Nm3/h of coal mine methane are thermally oxidized in the project using Durr’s Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) technology.

Up to 300,000 Nm3/h of hot exhaust gas is delivered to a boiler to generate water steam which is used for the generation of up to 30 MW of electricity by a turbine generator.

Mine and working safety is of key importance for the project. Part of the applied multi-level safety system is a rigorous hazardous operation and safety analysis in the pre-project phase.

Dürr Systems, Inc. CTS has also engineered, built, installed and commissioned the first full-scale VAM oxidation system in the United States, which has been successfully operating since 2013. Furthermore, Dürr Systems, Inc. has begun the engineering phase of several new VAM/CMM oxidation and utilization projects throughout China.

Technical data

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers included:


System square footage:

250,000 ft2 (23,200 m2)

Process flow:

1,020,000 Nm3/h of VAM and 60,000 Nm3/h of CMM

Available generated electricity:

Up to  30 MW