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Purchasing programm

The role of our Procurement & Materials' Management department is to ensure availability (on-time delivery) of our products and services to our customers. Our preferred way of working is to develop close co-operation and professional relationships with our respective business partners and suppliers. As such, long-term partnerships are considered to be the best way to achieve optimum quality and value.

Dürr LTB Procurement programm

For the manufacture of standardised and turn-key industrial air pollution control systems , Dürr LTB requires a range of products and services, including:

  • Individual parts
  • Small series of parts
  • Complete systems

Most systems are installed outside and, therefore, products and services should be designed and manufactured accordingly.

  • Dürr LTB Basic Supplier Criteria- Punctuality - on-time deliveries, every time – keeping to agreed shipment schedules is vital in the process plant engineering business
  • Competitiveness - cost-conscious / responsive pricing
  • Quality Assurance - our partners have their processes under control and provide verifiable standards of quality and accuracy
  • Flexibility - the ability to make changes as a project progresses

Dürr LTB Supplier Expectations

  • Compliance with health and safety requirements for all products manufactured
  • Complete deliveries with understandable operating instructions and safety precautions
  • Access to supplier emissions values
  • Demonstrable compliance with health and safety regulations
  • SCC or equivalent health and safety management system certification / accreditation