Our portfolio for fine chemistry

Fine chemicals are a trade category of pure chemical substances. There are a very large number of different fine chemicals and they have a guaranteed degree of purity. They undergo complex syntheses during production. Fine chemicals are mostly expensive and only available in small quantities.

In chemical manufacturing, almost every conceivable type of pollutant emission can occur.  The skill , based on know-how and experience, is to select the right solution from the wide range of air control technologies available. For example, for processes involving organic compounds, Dürr LTB Ecopure® TAR thermal oxidiser technology can be used to control VOC emissions, thereby also generating useful steam for the process.

During the manufacture of catalysts, NOx emissions from the calcination process can be treated using LTB high-efficiency Ecopure® SCR systems. Other technology solutions supplied to the industry by LTB include Ecopure® LPX catalytic oxidiser and Ecopure® RTO regenerative thermal oxidiser systems.

Thermal Processes

Catalytic Processes

Sorptive Processes

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