Electrics and Electronics

The term ‘electronics’ is the umbrella term for the entirety of electronic applications. Its primary objective is the control of the current through circuits. This process requires different materials which are responsible for conducting the electric current. Three types of material are used: non-conductors (insulators), semiconductors, and conductors.

Pollutant emissions occur at several stages during the manufacturing of high-tech electronic devices, in particular, from coating and cleaning processes and during etching of materials used in semiconductors, CD/DVD and LCD/plasma television screens.

In the electrical industry, waste gases are generated from dyers, kilns and coating machines used during the manufacture of, for example, motors and printed circuit boards (PCB).

In both sectors, Dürr LTB Ecopure® ROT regenerative thermal oxidiser technology has proven highly-effective in controlling emissions whilst minimising overall energy usage.

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