Our portfolio for Stationary Engines, Gas Turbines & Industrial Boilers

When internal combustion (IC) engines are fixed the ground and used to generate heat, cooling and/or power, then they are typically referred to as combined heat and power (CHP) units.

Typically emissions from IC engines include CO, HC (VOC/HAP), NOx and PM – depending on the type and quality of fuel and lubricants used.  Emissions can be controlled using Dürr LTB catalyst or non-catalyst oxidiser technologies and/or Dürr LTB SCR DeNOx systems.
Gas turbines (GT) are special forms of IC engines installed either without heat recovery (“simple cycle”) or combined with heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) equipment (“combined cycle”).

Mechanically, GT are less complex than IC engines having just one moving part. The ability to operate at high temperatures also means higher efficiencies can be achieved.  Typical emissions from GT plant are CO and NOx. Oxidation and SCR catalyst systems are typically used to control GT emissions depending on the limits.

Thermal Processes

Catalytic Processes

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