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Our portfolio for waste treatment & recycling

Waste management and recycling cover the collection of domestic, industrial and commercial waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous, in garbage cans, portable bins and containers. The products handled include household waste, spent batteries, cooking oil and fat, waste oil from ships and repair shops, and rubble and demolition material.

Treatment/Processing of waste & waste water streams

During the processing of waste and waste water stream from chemical plants, pollutant emissions can occur which require treatment. Activated carbon filter and Dürr LTB Ecopure® RTO regenerative thermal oxidiser technology is typically used for the treatment of the VOC generated from the storage and preparation of secondary fuels.

Pollutant control from mechanical biological treatment (MBT) systems typically requires an Dürr LTB Sulfex sulphuric acid scrubber system to neutralise the ammonia (NH3) followed by a specially-engineered, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel Ecopure® RTO unit with built-in purging mode.

Incineration of hazardous, non-hazardous and medical waste

Dürr LTB Ecopure® TAR thermal oxidiser and Ecopure® PAS/Ecopure® FGA scrubber systems can be used to control emissions from plants used to incinerate hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Dürr LTB Ecopure®  SCR systems can also be used to control NOx emissions depending on the application 

Highly robust, mobile field waste incineration systems built by Dürr LTB for the disposal of hazardous and medical waste -, combining oxidiser and scrubber technologies - have also been used with great success by the military.

Remediation of soil & water & recycling of scrap

Soil and water at sites of former petroleum refineries (or even old fuel filling stations) typically have to be cleaned (remediated) to remove the BTEX products and residual sulphuric tars. The tars are typically neutralised using hydrated lime. However, owing to the exothermal reaction, VOC emissions and extremely high SOx peaks of up to 30g/m3 can occur. Dürr LTB Ecopure® RTO regenerative thermal oxidizer technology and Sulfex DeSOx scrubbers can be used to treat these pollutant emissions.

Recycling plants also generate a number of unwanted gaseous and particulate emissions which must be controlled.  Depending on the process, Dürr LTB Ecopure® TAR thermal oxidiser or Ecopure® RTO technology is used for this application.

Thermal Processes

Sorptive Processes

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