Our portfolio for Flexible Packaging Printing

A wide variety of materials is printed in the flexible packaging printing industry. Common types of flexible packaging include plastic containers, cardboard boxes, tin cans, and corrugated cardboard outer packaging.

Flexographic, Rotogravure & Web Offset Printing Processes

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are liberated throughout the printing processes, including during flexography, rotogravure and web offset using solvent-based printing inks. Washing machines for the cleaning of print cylinders, ink pumps and containers are the second source of emissions in print shops.

For control of VOC-emissions from print shops, Dürr LTB Ecopure® RTO is a modular and highly standardized solution that combines compliance with legal requirements and lowest operation costs while using minimal space and energy consumption.

The rugged system recovers over 90% of the required energy to preheat the exhaust gases regeneratively and enables an auto thermal operation at low contaminant concentrations. In addition Dürr LTB provides several options to enhance the system, e.g. LEL-control, sound reduction or pre-filters.

Dürr LTB systems exceed a destruction efficiency of 98% while highly efficient ceramic honeycomb blocks assure an optimised Internal Heat Recovery. Furthermore Dürr LTB offers a wide range of systems for External Heat Recovery (EHR) that allow the use of additional energy to generate heat and feed it back into the process. Especially at high inlet concentrations, an EHR can reduce the operation costs significantly.

Thermal Processes

Sorptive Processes

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