Our portfolio for Painting of metal and plastic surfaces

During paint and coating processes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) containing exhaust air are emitted from different sources of a paint shop like the paint booth, flash-off zones or ovens.

For control of the VOC-emissions of paint shops, Dürr LTB Ecopure® CRC is a modular and highly standardized solution that combines compliance with legal requirements, lowest operation costs and minimised space and energy consumption. VOCs are removed from a relatively large volume of exhaust air and concentrated on a smaller exhaust stream to a thermal oxidizer, usually a primary energy saving regenerative thermal oxidation system, for further abatement. Smaller exhaust air streams are treated directly in a Ecopure® RTO system.

Concentration ratios up to 1:50 of the exhaust stream allow a much smaller thermal oxidation system with lower energy consumption. High efficient ceramic honeycomb blocks in the downstream Ecopure® RTO system assure an optimized Internal Heat Recovery. In case of high VOC-loads, additional process heat can be recovered from the clean exhaust air and reused in the production process.

Thermal Processes

Sorptive Processes

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